Taylor Swift NOT Pure Till Marriage!


Taylor recently chatted with Rolling Stone, and staunchly refused to talk about whether she wants to remain pure until marriage like her Disney friends. “I feel like whatever you say about whether you do or don’t, it makes people picture you naked and as much as possible, I’m going to avoid that. It’s self-preservation, really,” she said.


February 22, 2009. Tags: . Taylor Swift.


  1. Macy replied:

    heeeeeey your soo gorgious omg i don’t get how someone can be soo beautiful <33

  2. Diane Ashley Young replied:

    whats wrong with her not putting her business out there so what if she doesnt say im so pure like other stars she knows who she is and like she said It’s self-preservation, really,” screw you if you dont like her answer at the end of the day its her decision..

  3. Greg replied:

    I think she should keep her word inside and not share with the world if she’s a virgin or not! Her picture is HOTT

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